The Therapy Room

The therapy room is an important environment in the therapeutic process which allows a client to feel relaxed and safe. I have created this safe, warm, confidential and welcoming environment in the wonderful location of Newburn.

The therapy room is fully equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning for warmer months and heating for the winter months. It also has a sand tray and a wide selection of miniatures for explorative work should this become part of our sessions.
I have a range of books from popular psychology to children’s stories, and an extensive kit of creative media and games should the session and our work together benefit from this approach.
There are lovely views from the therapy room seating out across the trees and fields, towards the river. Clients have found this connection to the outdoors to have a calming effect while in session.

The room is located on the top floor of Newburn Activity Centre and is accessible by lift for wheelchair access. There are toilets on site and I would also encourage clients to speak with the lovely staff on reception to explore the facilities the centre has to offer. Facilities include a gym, a climbing wall, outdoor football pitches and a sports hall. There is also a sensory room and a soft play, both of which I am able to incorporate into sessions with my child clients providing there is availability (an additional charge would apply).

Within the centre is a bar area / conference room which I have access to for corporate coaching events such as Buteyko breathing or Mental Health awareness sessions.

The location of the centre is a perfect base for walk and talk sessions. A 50 minute loop takes us from the centre, by the river, through the park and back to the centre. There is a wonderful coffee shop on the route if you would like to grab a quick refreshment at the beginning or end of our walk.